Alfalfa County real estate transactions

Real Estate Transfers

Book 888 page 624: Jerry Palmer and Virginia Palmer convey unto Preston Scott Pierce and Kale Aaron Pierce. All of lots 1 – 3, Block 39, in the Original Town, now City, of Helena, Alfalfa County, Oklahoma. Joint tenancy warranty deed.

Book 888 page 636: Michael Ray Wayman and Janci Wayman convey unto MJB Wayman LLC. All of the surface in and to the southeast quarter of Section 12, Township 24 North, Range 9, WIM, Alfalfa County, Oklahoma. Quit claim deed.

Book 888 page 672: Spice Welch and Andrea R. Welch convey unto Fiona M. Grant-Endsley. All of lots 2 and 3 in Block 13...


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