Goltry man charged with domestic assault


February 22, 2023

A man has been charged with two felony counts following a domestic disturbance at a residence in Goltry. Court records show off-duty Highway Patrol Trooper Justin Barney contacted Alfalfa County dispatch at 5:46 p.m. on Feb. 14, requesting a deputy at the residence in Goltry for a domestic disturbance in progress.

When Deputy Diego Gutierrez arrived, he was met by Barney who said he received a call from a juvenile residing in the house. The juvenile told Barney that Robert Peters was drunk and fighting with his fiancée Adley Dean, a 16-year-old girl and a 17-year-old boy.

Barney stated when he arrived at the house he was met by a very intoxicated and worked up Peters. He said Peters had a knot on his head caused by the girl, using a cow bone that was on the porch, in an attempt to get Peters off of Dean and the boy. Peters’ boss arrived and took Peters away from the scene to calm him down. He was ready to bring Peters back when the deputy was ready.

Gutierrez was also met by Lance Knepfer, EMT with Goltry Fire. Knepfer said when he arrived on scene he attempted to give aid to Peters for his injuries, but Peters told him he didn’t need or want to be treated.

Deputy Gutierrez then talked to Dean who said Peters started an argument with her over money she had spent to get the kids some Valentine’s Day gifts. Dean showed him an injury to the right side of her neck and said it was a bite and scratch caused by Peters. Guiterrez was then taken to the juveniles in the home and observed the 17-year-old boy was red and swollen on and around the left eye and socket area. He said Peters caused the injury trying to grab his face.

Gutierrez met with Peters and his boss away from the scene. Peters was initially calm. Gutierrez observed Peters had a large knot on the front right area of his head. He detected the strong odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from Peters’ person. Gutierrez states Peters initially said he was not under the influence of any intoxicating substance. Later he said he had one tall boy beer and nothing else.

Peters told Gutierrez the argument had carried over from the previous day over an argument he had with Dean involving drugs. He said the matter was kind of personal and didn’t want to talk about it. After Gutierrez asked again, Peters said they were arguing over a certain juvenile using marijuana.

Peters said his injuries were caused when he got tackled to the ground by everyone, but he didn’t’ know how they happened. He said the injuries caused to the 17-year-old were probably from the dogs in the home, and he said the marks on Dean were most likely caused by the dogs. Gutierrez states Peters seemed reluctant to want to tell him much more and seemed to get more agitated as he continued to ask questions.

Gutierrez told Peters he was being placed under arrest. Deputy TJ Rockenbach arrived shortly after and transported Peters to the Alfalfa County Jail.

Gutierrez returned to the house to speak with Dean and the juveniles. Dean said Peters had gone to Jet earlier in the day, taking the 17-year-old with him, to cash his work check. When they returned, Dean said she took the truck and went to Dollar General in Ringwood. She said she returned home about 3:30 p.m. Dean said when she entered the house, Peters and the 17-year-old were sitting in the living room. She said Peters was playing music on YouTube, and she suspected he had been drinking because he was listening to songs he played when he got drunk.

Dean said Peters gave her a mean look when he saw her walk in with all the things she had bought. She put some things in the kitchen and returned to the living room. From there she went to the restroom in her room, and Peters followed her into the restroom. Dean said Peters stood across from her and yelled at her. She said while she was sitting down, Peters flicked a lit cigarette at her and then got in her face and cornered her on the toilet. She said when Peters started yelling the 16-year-old girl heard him and rushed into the bathroom.

The 16-year-old told Gutierrez when she went in the bathroom she found Peters cornering Dean against the toilet. She said she told Peters he needed to back up and leave the room. She said Peters then shoved past her and stated they could both stay there. She said they stayed in the bathroom for a moment and heard Peters yell they could both leave his house. Dean stated she then heard the 17-year-old yell and start crying. They went to the living room and found him crying and everyone else not saying anything.

The 16-year-old said when Peters came out of the room, he asked Peters if he had kicked the others out of the house. He said Peters began yelling and going off about the house being his. Dean said Peters then stood up yelling at her and telling her everything that was happening was her fault. She said he went into their room with her phone, wallet and other items.

Dean said she and the kids tried having an intervention with Peters to reinforce their support for him to get through his relapse in drinking after being sober for several years. She said Peters got up to leave, and she told him he could get straight or there’s the door. Dean stated Peters went to get in her face and the 16-year-old got between them. She said Peters then went after him, yelling, “I’m coming for you boy so come fight me.” She said she tried to stop Peters, but he shoved her out of the way.

The 16-year-old said when Peters rushed him, he wrestled him to the floor. He said Peters started grabbing at his face dug his thumb in his left eye and also scratched him.

Dean said she and the 17-year-old helped hold Peters down until he stopped fighting. Dean said they attempted to let him up, but Peters started fighting again. She said he grabbed the 17-year-old before they could restrain him. After a short time, he stopped fighting, and they allowed him to get up and go outside. She said he tried leaving in the truck but didn’t have the keys. Dean said he returned and started being aggressive when she didn’t give him the keys.

Dean said Peters went outside, slamming the door, and she followed him to try to calm him down. Dean said she went out to the porch, leaving the door open. When Peters started yelling, the kids came running outside. Everyone stated Peters tried to reach around the side of the porch to get at the 16-year-old again. Dean said she picked up a small statue she had on the porch and held it up, pleading with Peters to stop and leave. She said when he stopped, she lowered the statue and Peters swung at her with a closed fist.

That’s when one of the four juveniles present called Trooper Barney and Peters’ boss for help.

Everyone told Gutierrez that Peters rushed up the porch stairs at Dean and grabbed her, trying to pull her down. The 17-year-old said she grabbed a large cow bone that was on the porch and hit him on the head. Dean said Peters let her go and took a step back. Dean said Peters again rushed up the stairs, this time swinging a punch at the 17-year-old and missing.

The 17-year-old said Peters grabbed her by the neck of her shirt and pulled her to the ground from the porch stairs. She said he again raised a fist to punch her but was stopped by Dean and the 16-year-old.

Dean stated Peters then turned and pulled her to the ground, pulling her head in close. She said he scratched and bit her right lower jaw and neck area.

The 16-year-old said he again tackled Peters to get him off Dean. Then Dean said she and the two teens restrained Peters until his boss arrived.

Robert Lewis Peters, 42, of Goltry, has been charged with domestic assault and battery in the presence of minor – second and subsequent offense, and with child abuse. Both charges are felonies. The assault and battery charge is punishable by imprisonment for one to five years and/or up to $7,000 fine. The child abuse charge is punishable by imprisonment not exceeding life, or by a fine of $500 to $5,000, or both imprisonment and fine.


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