Auditor changes coming for Avard Regional Rail Park Authority


March 24, 2023

It had been a couple of months since the Avard Regional Rail Park Authority met until this past Tuesday. Stan Bixler, Allen Poe, Ed Sutter and Todd Holder approved the financial report as presented. Sonja Williams, a consultant for the Authority, said there was nothing extraordinary to report except an adjustment of about $800 under land lease figures. She explained it was an increase initiated by Martin Marietta. Sutter then asked about TIF money, wondering if more would be coming this year, as last year's totals were greater. 

Auditor Update

"We're going to get a new auditor," Sutter told the group. Kimberlye R. Mayer, CPA, is retiring but will continue to do some of the frontline work while an accountant named Michael Green, out of Stillwell, transitions into taking on most of her clients. A quote is expected to be provided. Current auditing costs are about $3,500 plus a $250 preparation fee. Jeremy Zeller, Woods County Economic Development Committee executive director, said he also reached out to another auditor for information.

WCEDC Executive Director Report

Zeller told the group he reached out to potential guests for the turkey hunt, and Joe Mathias accepted the invitation. He also said Jill Shero of Emblem Strategies, who was also connected via teleconference, was invited, prompting chuckles from the room. Kenneth Corn, a former Oklahoma legislator and current rural development state director, was asked, Zeller said, but couldn't accept due to a conflict of interests. Corn will be present as a speaker at the WCEDC Donor Appreciation Dinner this October. The governing body voted to convene in an executive session to discuss further business.


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