ACT I (Youth Production) presents 'The Enchanted Bookshop,' June 29, 30 and July 1


Act 1 cast members – From left (front row) Thomas Newton, Abigail Ramirez, Evelyn Johnson, Quinn Goss, Cade Black and Isabella Newton; (second row) Sadie Longhurst, Chezzni Rose, Ellinore Allen, Madelyn McClain, Paisley Groves, Jacelyn Kingcade, Samuel Newton and Elijah Newton; (third row) Liberty Brinkley, Zofia Allen, Maci Lehr, Joplin Bradt, Elliana Reames, Emily Gibson, Asa Thomas and Isaac Anton; (fourth row) Christina Jenlink and Avery Goss; (fifth row) Dash Dickey, Emma Eckhardt, Asher Brinkley, Eden Yauk, Aiden Brinkley, Avaleigh Brinkley and Nathen Rogers; Crew: Frankie Jo Allen, Toby Anton, Kenadie Meyer and Aubrey Rohrer. Not pictured: Georgie Kriegh, Fern Allen, Kase Martin, Madison Kern, Skyler Longhurst and Nevaeh Steffen.

A colorful collection of book characters including Sherlock Holmes, Tom Sawyer, Dorothy, the Wicked Witch of the West, Robin Hood, Dr. Doolittle, Frankenstein, Hopalong Cassidy, Pollyanna, Fagin and the Queen of Hearts come to life on the stage of ACT I Theatre, Inc. in the upcoming youth production of The Enchanted Bookshop, June 29, 30 and July 1 at 7 p.m.

"During the day, A Likely Story bookshop looks like any other used bookstore, but at night it's a magical place," said Director Delaney Lambert. "That's when the characters in the books come alive, thanks to a magic spell by the Book Fairy. The characters try to help the scatterbrained owner save her struggling store, but they must be careful not to be seen by others or the spell will break and they will disappear forever. It's a lively play that will appeal to all ages, and our students have had so much fun putting it together!"

The Enchanted Bookshop cast, includes: Margie-Christina Jenlink, Bombalurina-Emily Gibson, Mom-Madison Kern, Timmy-Samuel Newton, Tina-Georgia Kreigh, Robin Hood-Skyler Longhurst, Tom Sawyer-Sadie Longhurst, Sherlock Holmes-Kase Martin, Toto-Evelyn Johnson, Dorothy-Avery Goss, Heidi-Avaleigh Brinkley, Pollyanna-Asa Thomas, Book Fairies-Joplin Bradt and Maci Lehr, Ladies in Red-Elliana Reames and Jacelyn Kingcade, Fagin Nathen Rogers, Long John Silver-Paisley Groves, Quinn Goss, Officer Ketchum-Asher Brinkley, Officer Kautum Fern Allen, Fingers-Aiden Brinkley, Thumbs-Elijah Newton, Eddie-Cade Black, Ed-Emma Eckhardt, Doctor Dolittle-Dash Dickey, Queen of Hearts-Nevaeh Steffen, Frankenstein-Isaac Anton, Wicked Witch of the West-Eden Yauk, Hopalong Cassidy-Liberty Brinkley, Card Soldiers-Thomas Newton and Chezzni Rose, Little Book Fairies Ellinore Allen, Zofia Allen, Madelyn McClain, Abigail Ramirez and Isabella Newton.

The direction and production crew includes Delaney Lambert – director, Sara Eckhardt – assistant director, Frankie Jo Allen – stage manager, Toby Anton – light and sound director, Kenadie Meyer and Aubrey Rohrer – stage crew.

Call 580-327-9060 for reserved seating. Tickets are available for purchase at the door.


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