Alva convicted felon charged with possessing guns


September 10, 2023

An Alva man is facing felony and misdemeanor charges after officers went to his home on the report of a domestic dispute.

Court records show on Sept. 4 about 3:42 a.m. Alva Police Officer Andrew McVicker received a text message from someone about a domestic situation on Elm Street in Alva. The caller said Dustin McFarland had just left the house. He said McFarland had been yelling at his wife, and “I think she is in trouble.” The caller said McFarland was a convicted felon and had an AR 15 rifle in the front seat of his pickup.

McVicker contacted Alva Police Officer Ramirez and Woods County Deputy Nesseralla, and the three of them responded to the scene. When they arrived, McVicker made contact with Makayla McFarland who was unharmed but afraid to speak to him. He asked to speak to Dustin McFarland and was told he was inside the house. Makayla opened the door and told McFarland the police were outside wanting to speak with him. McFarland began yelling at Makayla, grabbed her and pulled her inside while attempting to slam the door.

McVicker made entry into the house and detained McFarland who was uncooperative and unwilling to be handcuffed. McFarland said the domestic situation had been verbal only, and Makayla refused to comment.

Inside the house, McVicker observed a gun cabinet containing a rifle, a shotgun and a handgun along with firearm accessories and ammunition. Makayla said the rifle and shotgun were owned by her, and the handgun was McFarland’s. She said the key to the cabinet was normally on top but was not there. She said McFarland might have taken the key, that he has access, had opened it and been inside it. She said McFarland was a convicted felon and had two guns she knew of. Her 9 mm pistol should have been in the cabinet but wasn’t. The guns in the cabinet were seized as evidence.

McFarland was placed under arrest and transported to the Woods County Jail.

McVicker reviewed McFarland’s record and found he has been convicted of multiple felonies in different jurisdictions.

McVicker observed an AR-15 rifle in the front seat of McFarland’s pickup, which was parked in the driveway. After obtaining search warrants for McFarland’s pickup, McVicker found a short barrel rifle, 12 inches in length, without an associated short barrel rifle tax stamp. He also found a 9 mm pistol, various firearms accessories and ammunition, 4.8 grams of a white crystalline substance that field tested positive for methamphetamine, two used glass pipes with white crystalline substance, a digital scale and a plastic bag containing small amounts of a white crystalline substance.

Dustin Lee McFarland, 31, of Alva, has been charged with two felonies: possession of sawed-off shotgun/rifle and with possession of firearm after former felony conviction. In addition, McFarland has been charged with three misdemeanor counts: (1) possession of controlled dangerous substance – methamphetamine, (2) unlawful possession of drug paraphernalia and (3) obstructing an officer.


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