Airport Commission approves next year's budget with changes

The Alva Airport Commission almost didn’t meet Monday night because only two of the five members arrived. Chairman Dale Logsdon contacted Mayor Kelly Parker who is on the commission, and he came in a few minutes late. Paul Kinzie was the other member present. Calleb Mosburg and Terry Cline were absent.

Before the meeting began, Airport Manager Derrick Courson was trying to use a handheld radio to communicate with a helicopter that landed for fueling. He was having some difficulty and eventually had to go out to the aircraft on the parking ramp. Later in the meeting, Courson said he will be looking at a replacement for the radio. Logsdon said the current one has been in use since Gerald Benson was airport manager many years ago.

Courson reported another good month in fuel sales at the airport. April sales of avgas (100LL) nearly matched the Jet-A fuel sold. Avgas sales were 4,237.972 gallons for revenue of $19,693.950. Jet-A sales totaled 6,574 gallons for $25,446.80. Adding some oil sales, the airport took in $45,571.74 for April. Courson said typically May through July are slower months for fuel sales as hot weather discourages private air travel.

The airport is in the process of having fiber installed for better internet service. The turn on date has been set for May 29.

Reporting on the new avgas truck that is awaiting installation of the fuel tank, Courson said the needed part was due to arrive May 15 from overseas. Then they can begin on the final installation.

Courson said Jason May will move from part time to full time May 18. The airport will still have one part time employee.

The Young Eagles program was delayed again by bad weather. Courson said they were going to try for this weekend, May 18, or the following Saturday. He is keeping in contact with the families who signed up earlier for the event.

Kinzie asked if there is a way for Courson to track profit on fuel sales. He’s like to weigh that against the cost of labor, fuel filters and other expenses in addition to the cost to buy the fuel. Parker said it should be easy to come up with that figure at the end of the current fiscal year.

Parker presented the 2024-2025 budget proposal for the airport. He said, “The budget is kind of our best guess of how things should go.” City Business Manager Stephen Ford said he tried to keep the budget as flat as he could.

Kinzie had a number of questions as he went through the figures. He was concerned the income for the oil lease on the airport property was projected too high. Ford said the oil well was down for maintenance for three months toward the end of last year with no airport income. Kinzie said he would like to get back to the practice of not relying on the oil money and letting it accrue interest.

Kinzie also asked Courson if the amount listed would cover salaries for the year at the airport. Courson said he expects to be paid less overtime with May available to cover more time. Maybe he can even go out of town when he takes vacation days.

Parker proposed some changes to the budget which he later turned into a motion. He recommended revising interest earned, utilities expenses and insurance expenses. This would change the budget to revenue of $1,250,986 and expenses of $1,238,601 with a net income of $12,670. Kizine seconded the motion, and it passed 3-0.

Commission members then went into closed executive session for the annual evaluation of the airport manager. No action was to be taken on return to open session.


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