Alfalfa County Sheriff Rick Wallace makes interesting find in old vault

The upcoming new 24-25 fiscal year called for Garret Johnson, Mike Roach and Nate Ross of the Alfalfa County commissioners to sign many resolutions into effect. Those included designating the Cherokee Messenger and Republican as the official county newspaper, designating the first deputies for the county's officers, and designating interest for several accounts, including the Ambulance District, Sales Tax Fairgrounds, Invest Highway Cash Funds, and Assessor Cash. The commissioners also signed resolutions for the following items:

• Designating county depository banks,

• Directing deposit of reimbursement of election board expenses,

• Designating requisition and receiving officers (Roach added Roberta Jamison as a requisitioning officer),

• Interest rates paid on non-payable warrants, and

• Application of temporary appropriations.

After signing the resolutions, the three men signed the detention services agreement by and between ROCMND Area Youth Services Inc. and the Board of County Commissioners of Alfalfa County, and the TM Consulting software lease and maintenance agreement. Both agreements are for the new fiscal year as well.

Next, Johnson, Roach and Ross approved the treasurer's office's investment policy and disaster recovery plan and the Sheriff Cash Training Fund account apportionment.

On the latter, soon-to-be-retired sheriff Rick Wallace was on hand to explain what it was for. He said he went into an old vault where they kept the funds from inmate bookings and found some envelopes containing cash. The oldest held $76 and was from 1993. Wallace said that cash was used as "buy money" to buy stolen property or drugs, and upon talking to the state auditor, he was advised to get it back into the training fund. The other monies rightfully belonged to the inmates who were booked all those years ago and should be returned to them.

The sheriff said he made contact with the people, except one who wasn't answering, which was probably due to them having current felony warrants. One person was due to receive $12.51 (to go out via certified mail) and got a kick out of receiving the call for such a small amount. Sheriff Wallace explained that it was their money and that it was only right to return it. The commissioners approved Wallace's actions.

Before exiting the meeting, Wallace said he had a piece of art on the wall he'd like to donate to the courthouse. It was of the Alfred P. Murrah building commemorating the Oklahoma City bombing of 1995.

The commissioners approved the minutes from last week's meeting, payroll warrants, blanket purchase orders, and maintenance and operation warrants for payment earlier in the meeting.


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