Get some culture in Alva

This evening is the First Friday Art Walk. Enjoy.

South Barber, Kansas, is having a free lunch program from now until July 26. You don't have to be a South Barber student to attend. Any student from anywhere who is under 18 is welcome. Call 833-722-7237 for information on times and location. Parents, please don't let your children miss a meal. Thanks to South Barber USD 255 for sponsoring this event.

On a related note, I saw where the city of Kiowa, Kansas, had found a company to pick up recyclables from Illinois. At first glance, I wondered why they wanted to go to Illinois to get recyclables. I'm glad that they found a company to get theirs, but I did wonder why they did not look closer to home for this job.

There have been several stories about the voting this month and the candidates. Again, I wish to beat a dead horse for a minute. There should be no party affiliations entered into on local elections. These offices are not bound by any political gain for either party, and it is grossly unfair for one political group to not be allowed to vote when in fact they are affected equally by the outcome. I don't know how this could be changed to a no party voting system, but it is high time it was changed.

I have my favorites, but here is not the forum for me to say my choices. The one thing I am adamant about is PLEASE vote yes for the Hospital Authority to take control of the convalescent home. The sooner we do this, it can change hands, and we will have people that know how to run the convalescent home in place, benefiting the community, the staff and, more importantly, the residents.

Wednesday evening, a lady was on Facebook wanting help for her family that had been living on the street and had gotten a home but had nothing in the way of furniture. I stopped counting at 20 the number of people with things to help them. A few had things to sell, but most would donate what they could. Kudos to all who helped them, and the other people they help. Please don't be afraid to ask for help, because lots of us have been there. Also, not one person mentioned this could be a scam. Alva can be a great place to live.

I saw where a woman was arrested for bringing marijuana into a penal intuition. I think it is sad that she has put these problems into her life with this act, but what I really wonder is how much does the inmate really love her to ask her to do what he knows will get her in trouble. She needs to get a good lawyer, and next send the convict a note telling him she is going to find a man that will love her enough to not ask her to do illegal things for him.

Bubba said he found it funny that a convicted felon cannot vote but can run for public office. Don't worry, Trump lovers. In just a little bit the good-old-boy system will kick in and all the felonies will magically disappear. Think about it a minute. Whose name has been in all the media for the last couple years? Trump has gotten a billion dollars’ worth of campaigning in and it hasn't cost hardly anything.

My buddy named his two dogs Calvin and Klein. I asked, "Isn't that a brand of underwear?" "Exactly," he replied; "they're boxers."

Watch out for the harvesters, let's all be safe out there, and God bless.


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