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Dalton Beeler, Alva City Council, Ward 3


March 26, 2021

I've lived in Alva for my entire life, minus nine months in college, when I attended Pittsburg State in Pittsburg, Kansas. I also spent three years in Woodward as an educator. I graduated from Alva High in 2010. I also earned my undergraduate degree and master's degree from NWOSU. I am currently a proud employee of Alva Public Schools! I attend the First Baptist Church as well!

I've been involved with education and the organizations that come with being a teacher for several years now. A crucial part of being successful in those situations is understanding that the plan changes and staying positive. In managing a city many things happen in a day, and many things change in a day. Having the skill to keep the bigger picture in the forefront and remaining positive is crucial to the success of all the citizens.

The best thing about living in Alva is the people! Roads, houses, and businesses are meaningless if you don't have people to fill them up! Walking into any given business at any given day knowing you're going to run into someone you know is a great feeling for me. If you put yourself out there and make yourself a positive member of this community the support is endless. You can't find that anywhere else except for small towns like Alva. We need to embrace that aspect and help let it define us as a whole.

I think the biggest problem Alva faces right now is the economic crisis brought on by Covid-19. People are struggling daily, and not just in Alva. I think everyone in the nation has been crippled by this. There was some confusion with the budget in the past several months, which I think is to be expected with any city government, but I think the uncertainty of Covid amplified it tenfold. I believe that in order for us to gain financial peace we must come together as a community and determine a way to embrace the situation at hand and figure out a way to grow from it.


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