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Alva Review-Courier and Newsgram Rates Effective January 1, 2024

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Newspaper Characteristics: The Newsgram is published once a week on Wednesday. It is a total market coverage product for Woods and Alfalfa counties in Oklahoma, and Barber County in Kansas. The Newsgram, with a guaranteed circulation of 13,250 is thrown by motor-carrier in one Kansas towns and is mailed to rural routes and other towns.

The huge advantage of the Newsgram over virtually all competitors in the area is thousands of copies are mailed to homes that cannot be thrown by motor carrier.

The Alva Review-Courier is a paid circulation semiweekly legal newspaper published every Sunday and Friday. It has a circulation of 1,500 on Friday and 1,500 on Sunday.

Mechanical Dimensions:

Newsgram - 3 columns wide 8.5 X 11 inches page size 7.5 X 10 inches printable (ad) area 2.33 inch (14 picas) column width

Review-Courier - 5 columns wide 11 X 17 inch page size 10.75 x 16 inch printable area 2.05 inch (12 picas) column width Ad column widths in inches

Columns:1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Newsgram 2.33, 4.91, 7.5

ReviewCourier 2.05, 4.25, 6.40, 8.57, 10.75

Advertising Rates

Newsgram $13.88 per column inch.

Alva Review-Courier $6.76 per column inch

All rates are the same for all customers, whether local, state, national, political or agency. Advertising agencies submitting PDF’s are eligible for a 15% commission on the above rates only.

Special Rates

Newsgram Front Cover (color) $441.00

Newsgram Back Cover (color) $420.00

Newsgram Full Page $249.00

Newsgram 1/2 page $144.50

Newsgram 1/4 page $90.00

Specific Position Charges

The front cover and back cover of the Newsgram are sold as specific position ads and are priced accordingly. If the advertiser requests specific position on other pages, add $15. Ads must be l/2 page or larger for specific position. The position requested may not always be available.

Newsgram Ads Repeated in Review-Courier

Newsgram ads of 1/4 page size or larger may be repeated within seven days in the Review-Courier with no changes in the ad for a discount.

Those repeat ad prices (net) are:

Full page 3 col. X 8.5 in. $90.00

l/2 page, horizontal 3 col. X 4.25 in. $50.60

1/2 page, vertical 2 col. X 11.25 in. $50.60

1/4 page 2 col. X 5.5 in. $31.60

Contract Ads Review-Courier/Newsgram One Month (2 days per week for 4 weeks) Contract Ads are $7.20 per column inch non-commissionable. This rate is discounted because the same copy is to run each day for four weeks. Copy may be changed earlier for a $5 charge each time.

Newsgram Sidebar Ads Three Newsgram pages feature “sidebar” ads along the top and sides with classified ads in the center. Measuring 1 5/8 x 2 3/4 in. (or 3 3/4 x 1 1/2 in. for top ads), these ads may be reserved on a one year contract. The ad cost is $13.88 per Wednesday non-commissionable.

Full Color

Full four-color process ads are available at $150 additional.


Full run $.07

Partial run $.08

Above prices are for inserts weighing 1.2 oz. or less. Add .01 for each 1/2 oz. in weight above 1.2 oz. Prices are based on 1/4 folded inserts that do not exceed the margins of our publication. We will fold for you at 1 penny a piece. Odd or unusual sizes must have prior approval. Partial run inserts may require additional postal fee.


The newspaper reserves the right to accept, revise, cancel, reject or label as “advertisement” all advertising submitted for publication.

Ads are also evaluated as to whether the design mars the overall appearance of the publication (upside down ad, for example, is not acceptable).

By placing an ad in the newspaper, the advertiser agrees to accept the condition that the newspaper is not liable for pricing errors. Example, if a $10,000 car is misprinted as $1,000, we cannot make up the $9,000 difference. Some advertisers wisely put disclaimers in their ads for such accidents.

Payment Details

Credit card payment is available through Visa, Mastercard, Discover or American Express. New commercial customers may earn open account status after three months of regular cash payment performance and with the completion and approval of a credit application. Established commercial firms may qualify for open account privileges after completion and approval of a credit application.

Payment Terms

Action Ads (classified ads) and political ads are cash only.

Customers who have completed requirements for open account status are to pay by the 10th of the month following publication. The minimum open account order is $15.00. An 18% APR fee on overdue balances is assessed. Credit privileges are suspended if accounts become overdue.

Omissions and Errors

While every effort is made to avoid errors, both the newspaper and the advertiser have obligations that must be observed for a warranty to apply. If the advertiser submits a fully designed ad either by computer disk or email PDF, the newspaper has no liability regarding errors in the ad.

How to Receive a 100% Ad Warranty: Proofread Your Ad!

If the advertiser submits ad copy for the newspaper to create an ad, then the advertiser must drop by the office and inspect the ad or request a FAX or email of the ad for proofing.

By submitting a proof of the ad, the newspaper has done its part to insure accuracy. Now, the advertiser must notify the newspaper of any errors. If the advertiser does not advise the newspaper of any error in the proof before publication, then the newspaper has no further liability. If the advertiser does notify the newspaper, and the newspaper fails to make the changes or introduces errors in a previously approved ad, then the newspaper will run the corrected ad again without charge.

If the advertiser does not proof the ad, then the newspaper has no obligation to publish any corrections. However, if the newspaper determines the error is significant, then a correction of the erroneous portion (not the entire ad) will be published on the next available publication date. The newspaper cannot control the weather and therefore is not liable for diminished ad results brought on by weather or other acts of God.

Cancellation and Deadlines

Review-Courier ads must be turned in by noon on Friday for Sunday publication or noon Thursday for the Friday publication. Newsgram ads must be turned in by 5 p.m. Monday. Ads may be cancelled before deadline but not after.

Ad Makeup Charges

Composition for one version of a simple ad is included in the price of the ad. We expect a 1/4 page Newsgram ad to require 15 minutes, a 1/2 page ad to require 30 minutes and a full page ad 60 minutes. If you with to experiment with new arrangements or copy changes after the first ad is made, those changes will require extra charge.

Photography Services

Normally, advertising agencies prepare ads requiring photographs. How ever, the newspaper salesperson, when notified in advance, will bring a camera to take pictures during his or her regular sales call. If a special trip outside Alva is required (other than the salesperson’s regular sales day), mileage will be charged.

There will be no charge for the salesperson taking the photographs if the ad is at least l/4 page or larger in the Newsgram or 2 col. by 5 inches or larger in the Review-Courier. The minimum charge for photographic services in smaller ads is $5. The photos for any one ad must be taken in one sales call. There will be a charge for subsequent trips involving the same ad.

If special lighting or special equipment are required, a professional photographer may be hired.

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