Hardtner residents rally to carry on some 4th of July traditions

The late Dalton Black to be honored on the Fourth of July


The Hardtner community would like to extend an invitation for families to join us for many of the traditional 4th of July festivities we've all enjoyed and cherished over the years. Many local volunteers have rallied together to keep these traditions alive, so we hope to see you there!

Immediately following the Hardtner Chamber of Commerce's decision to discontinue the annual celebration, community members, family, and friends began contacting one another about alternatives. Many of those involved in this year's activities helped to make them happen in the past. Organizers include several local servicemen and veterans who are not ready to let the celebration die.

The families who made Hardtner 4th truly special certainly left some big shoes to fill. Just as a group of dads got together over 60 years ago to begin these traditions, a like-minded group of parents would like to carry the torch on for another generation to enjoy. Some volunteer have already completed classes and certification in professional fireworks displays in preparation for the event. Donation jars will be at every location to raise funds so that the Hardtner 4th can continue to be that family-friendly holiday event that we all love.

Activities will kick off with the much-loved medallion hunt that will continue in honor of Dalton Black. Clues will be posted on the door of City Hall every hour, beginning at 10 a.m. Stop by the home of Jeff and Stacy Black at any time during the day to cool off, enjoy a cold Pepsi, and join in a celebration of Dalton's life on his favorite holiday.

A Little Firecracker contest for children ages 5 and under will also be held at the Methodist Church prior to their Sunday Service. The church service will honor the men and women who serve in our great military and feature guest speaker and veteran, Cody Kirkwood. Lunch will be provided by the Hardtner United Methodist Church following the service.

Back downtown, stop in at the newly dubbed "Rockin' R" for the Third Annual Cornhole Tournament and the Turtle Races! Bring in your own cold beverages and enjoy some good company. Yeti Ice Sno-Cones will be open all afternoon near the American Legion Building, and a variety of water activities, such as a slip-n-slide, giant slide, and splash pad will be set up there as well.

Bring your lawn chairs and coolers and hang out all afternoon! The famous pit-roasted barbecue will be sold by the sandwich or by the bundle at the American Legion later in the afternoon. As evening approaches, enjoy an outdoor movie and bring your own fireworks to shoot off.

A fireworks show is being planned, but it will be smaller in scope than in the past. The planners are still working out the specifics, but they will offer something that's "not too big, not too small, just enough that says it all. We love our community, we love our country, and Let Freedom Ring!"


10:00 – Medallion Hunt in honor of Dalton Black (Clues posted at City Hall)

All day – Celebration of Life for Dalton at the home of Jeff and Stacy Black (come and go)

10:30 – Little Firecracker Contest (Methodist Church)

11:00 – Church service featuring guest speaker and veteran Cody Kirkwood

12:00 – Lunch at Hardtner United Methodist Church

1:00 – Cornhole Tournament (Rockin' R Beer Bar downtown; contact Kelly Gosvener II for team entry - $20 per team)

1:00 – Sno Cones and water activities near the American Legion Building

4:00 – Turtle Races (Rockin' R)

5:00 – Pit BBQ Sandwiches (American Legion Building)

Outdoor movie as the sun goes down (Legion). Fireworks after dark. Outdoor dance following the fireworks at the Rockin' R.


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