Barbara Faulkner's 80?


Saturday, June 1, was a busy day for Alva. Besides the 50th Nescatunga Arts Festival, there was the 15th Mud Slinger Shootout at the fairgrounds. This also was the day Wayne and Beverly Kinzie chose to have their estate closeout. They have collected for a lifetime and there were probably many things one of a kind. The thing I liked best of all Saturday was a celebration of Barbara Faulkner's 80th birthday. She sure could fool the age guessers at the circus, because they would never guess over about 70. Congratulations, kid, and many more.

Well, I hope you and yours had a great Memorial weekend. I never made it to the Short Springs program. Neither Cleo nor I felt extra speedy and did not want to be remembered as the people that infected everyone.

Sunday, Jack and I dropped Dad off at the casino and went to Wichita, Kansas, to play the pinball machines. Jack's favorite machine is a Baby Pac-Man game where you play both Pac-Man and pinball. It is great fun, but I am Pac-Man challenged so I just play the pinball for him part of the time. When we got there the machine was broken down. I told people that his dog died was the reason my brother was crying. Anyhow, we still had a good time.

Parents don't forget the Gulp and Gallop June 3rd through June 27th at noon. The free meal and entertainment is at Washington School. After the meal the young people can go across to the library for some quality time with books.

On Sirius Radio this week they had a Top 1000 count down of country music, I didn't get to listen to much of it and there were a lot of songs in the higher numbers I had never heard and don't want to again.

Justin was hauling across country to California and back, so he got to listen to all of it. He said it seemed the lower the numbers the older the songs were. I listened to one of these shows years ago and Davy Crockett was No. 1. I doubt it still is No. 1, but who knows?

Dad traded 40 acres with a guy many years ago, partially because each one got a place that bordered their existing land, and the place he traded for had a nice pond on it. It has never been completely full of water. After the first rains he reported it was about four feet from the spillway. On the way home from a doctor's appointment Tuesday we drove out to look at it. From his reaction you'd have thought he had won the lottery. There was water in the spillway and the pond was full. I had never imagined how much it would spread out – pretty neat. Dad said it was 40 feet deep in the middle. I'm sure there are lots of full ponds around, but this is a first for us.

I had a little confusion at the doctor's the other day. When he asked me what was wrong with me it must have sounded like I said I was having trouble breeding. He told me he could probably help with that, but if I didn't get help for my breathing, I would never make it!


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