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 By Jim Scribner    Local    August 18, 2019 

Watch your driving

School has started this last week. Excited children don't always pay as good attention as they should, so it is up to us drivers to keep them safe. The people have spoken in resounding fashion to the...

 By Jim Scribner    Local    August 11, 2019

Please go vote Aug 13

If you don't do anything else Tuesday, Aug. 13, voting is the number one priority. Whether you want to proceed with the plan, or you would like to take more time to study other options, PLEASE go vote. We are talking about $2.5 million, ten years of...

 By Jim Scribner    Local    August 4, 2019

Deja vu all over

If you don't vote yes on an $8 million renovation project your hospital will close. I thought it was sad that the only way to get the funding passed for Share Medical Center years ago was not on the m...

 By Jim Scribner    Local    July 28, 2019

Happy birthday to a couple of sweeties

Next Friday, Aug. 2, is Sarita Simon and Amy Mayes birthdays. They just look better every year. On a sad note, Friday is also my birthday. I don't get better looking. I just get older and more senile...

 By Jim Scribner    Local    July 21, 2019

Well, good news on the front porch

The mother skunk took her babies and went elsewhere. The other good news is Cleo is going to let me stay and try for 53 years of married life. The grass has slowed on the growth with the lack of rain and the heat. There are weedy yards and lots...

 By Jim Scribner    Local    July 14, 2019

What a life

Monday evening Cleo goes to the door to let the cats in and out. "Oh my God,' she said, "You have to see this." I get to the door and on our porch eating the leftover cat food were a momma and five ba...

 By Jim Scribner    Local    July 7, 2019

I Hope You had a Great Fourth of July

There were lots of activities everywhere, so there was something for everyone. Thanks to all the volunteers that make it all possible. Dad, Jack and I went the south route for casinos on the 4th. The... Full story

 By Jim Scribner    Local    June 30, 2019

Have a great 4th of July

Thursday was the first night of the Act I play Guys and Dolls. It was like always, everyone associated with the play gave us a great cultural experience. Granddaughter Jaylyn is on crutches and got...

 By Jim Scribner    Local    June 22, 2019

Keep an eye on them

I was glad to see many concerned citizens show up at the council meeting on Monday. I was also glad to see Mayor Kelly tabled the fire charges. He said he was going to send it back to committee for...

 By Jim Scribner    Local    June 16, 2019

Happy Father's Day to fathers everywhere

If you have been on the outs with your father, or son and daughter, consider this a great day to make amends. Let's all have a blessed day with our families. A little free food will also help. One...

 By Jim Scribner    Local    June 9, 2019

Fondling fathers tour

On the political front, Bill Clinton will be joining Joe Biden on the campaign trail. They're calling it the "Fondling Fathers" tour! Please attend church today, if for nothing else but to pray for...

 By Jim Scribner    Local    June 2, 2019

Barbara Faulkner's 80?

Saturday, June 1, was a busy day for Alva. Besides the 50th Nescatunga Arts Festival, there was the 15th Mud Slinger Shootout at the fairgrounds. This also was the day Wayne and Beverly Kinzie chose...

 By Jim Scribner    Local    May 26, 2019

Happy Memorial Day to all

Because of Dad's 90th birthday party, we opted to not have a reunion this year. Most of the family were there and the ones we missed will be at the Short Springs School for the Memorial Day program....

 By Jim Scribner    Local    May 19, 2019

Congratulations, graduates

Whether it is pre-K, high school or university, your families are proud of you. Best advice for college graduates: Move back in with your parents, or don't leave if you are already there! Let's all...

 By Jim Scribner    Local    May 12, 2019

Happy Mother's Day to all mothers and grandmothers, young and old, everywhere

Sadly, my mother, mother-in-law and grandmothers from my past have gone to the promised land. God blessed me with a wife, daughter-in law and some sisters-in-law that are all good mothers. If your mot...

 By Jim Scribner    Local    May 5, 2019

Please use your college common sense, students, at least when crossing the street

As I was driving south on 281, I noticed a girl out of the corner of my eye wandering across the street. I was too far up to stop, but fortunately the truck coming from the other way saw her. She had...

 By Jim Scribner    Local    April 28, 2019

Oklahoma's governor, 'the Kev,' has made it a hundred days already

He was on several TV channels telling how slow the changes he wants to make are going. He wants to make Oklahoma a Top 10 state. Sadly, we already are in some categories. Good luck. OG&E wants a major...

 By Jim Scribner    Local    April 21, 2019

Great news for the citizens of Alva

Last Monday at the city council meeting, along with the other incumbents, I was sworn in as city marshal for another four years. I hope this term is as trouble-free as the last one. I stayed until the swimming pool conversations. It's gonna cost a lo...

 By Jim Scribner    Local    April 14, 2019

What a party

Lots of Dad's friends showed up to wish him happy birthday, share stories and have refreshments. A couple of guys mentioned how rare it was that I gave rather than received free food. My cousins,...

 By Jim Scribner    Local    April 7, 2019

Bambi watch out

Yesterday was Dad's birthday party. Thanks to all who attended. Tuesday is the big day for the knee replacement. We have an early start time, so Bambi watch out. We hope this goes smoother than the...

 By Jim Scribner    Local    March 31, 2019

Enough is enough

I saw where there was talk of not funding Special Olympics and cutting autism funding. I think they have been taken off the chopping block, but why were they ever there? We just finished two years of...

 By Jim Scribner    Local    March 24, 2019

Inquiring minds wanted to know

As I travel back and forth through the construction at Ingersoll, I keep wondering why the elevator on the north side of the road was spared. The nice chamber lady at Cherokee didn't know but got me...

 By Jim Scribner    Local    March 17, 2019

It's good to be the boss

In 2006 Lynn Martin told me that I should write a weekly column for the paper, because occasionally I would write an opinion about something. The next week I was stirred up about something, wrote a st...

 By Jim Scribner    Local    March 10, 2019

Get up, sleepyheads

Instead of 8 a.m. it is 7 a.m. – don't be late for church and thank your senator for doing this to you. The Wichita swap meet was this weekend. We did not go this year. I had some things that...

 By Jim Scribner    Local    March 3, 2019

First things first

My granddaughter Jaylyn Scribner and several other young people were inducted into the National Honor Society last Tuesday evening. You have to achieve a certain grade average to qualify for this...


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