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Conversing with Luke, Paul, Timothy and Mark


September 6, 2019

I’ve been looking forward to preaching through the Gospel of Mark! No matter what other subjects we might cover from the pulpit, I am always anxious to get back to the Gospel accounts. While Matthew, Luke and John give a great deal of insight into the things Jesus said, Mark is more interested in highlighting the things the Savior did. He even has a favorite way to describe Jesus’ active ministry. The King James translates the phrase as “straightway” while some of the more modern translations use words like “right away” and “at once.”

Some scholars believe that Mark (aka John Mark, or John) had some help in putting together his Gospel. The Apostle Peter refers to Mark as his “Son” and Mark also had close ties with the Apostle Paul, Barnabas, and had a least a passing acquaintance with Luke. While doing my research for this series, I came across an interesting bit of trivia.

As Paul is closing out his final letter to his own “son in the faith,” Timothy, he asks his protégé to bring some things with him (and hurry) on his next visit.

One of the “things” Timothy is asked to supply is Mark, as Paul finds him to be a useful asset to his ministry. Paul also mentions that Luke has remained with him, although several others have left him for various reasons. If Luke remained with Paul (who was imprisoned at Rome and nearing his death) and these men were joined by Timothy and Mark, imagine the conversations around that dinner table! In one room, at one time, three of the eight authors of the New Testament – and, depending on who wrote the book of Hebrews, we can account for 17 of the 27 books of the New Testament as we know it.

If you can join us for this series, in person, we would love to have you. If you are unable to be at College Hill, please worship somewhere and catch the series on Facebook (Like College Hill Church of Christ or friend me at Wilson Tyree). Or, if you prefer, you can check out the YouTube channel – Dr. W. Jay Tyree. See you Sunday.


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