Alfalfa County real estate transactions

Real Estate Transfers

Book 887 page 613: Steven D. Magee and Irala K. Magee convey unto Pamela G. Magee and Angela H. Shelton. The north half southwest quarter of section 16, township 24 north, range 12, WIM. Warranty deed.


Book 887 page 598: Jancy Renee Bredel and Dane Tyler Bredel to Gateway Mortgage. Lots 5 and 6 in block 3, in the Town of Jet, also known as the Town of New Jet, Alfalfa County, Oklahoma. Note: $69,000.00.

Book 887 page 633: Doug Schlup to Cleo State Bank. Lots 13-15, block 25, Aline First Edition. Note: $28,411.00....


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