Alfalfa County real estate transactions

Real Estate Transfers

Book 892 page 276: Phillip L. Hills and Debra L. Hills convey to Douglas R. Mann and Heather Renee Mann. Lots 8 and 8, Block 2, Pryor’s Addition to Cherokee, Alfalfa County, Oklahoma. Joint tenancy warranty deed.

Book 892 page 278: Robert N. Morland III conveys unto Dakota Knabe. The west 135 feet of Lot 10, Block 1, in Titus Third Addition to the Town of Cherokee, Alfalfa County, Oklahoma. Warranty deed.

Book 892 page 290: Angela D. Herring conveys unto Brian Acord. South half of the southeast quarter of Section 33, Township 29 north, Range 9, WIM, Alfalfa County, Oklaho...


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