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 By Jack Fisher    Local    November 20, 2020

NWOSU students serve community

Many individuals and groups like to do community service and I saw some students who saw a need for leaves. These students decided to collect leaves. They were not doing this to get rich and famous...

 By Jack Fisher    Local    May 8, 2020

Letter to the Editor: The future of masks

I have been writing articles supporting the use of masks, but I always forgot to mention that I do not want to wear a mask. For many years I wore a mask every time I mowed the grass. It was uncomfortable and fogged my glasses and made it hard to...

 By Jack Fisher    Local    April 19, 2020

Letter to the Editor: Let's join the U.N. and get free masks

It is encouraging to see the United Nations giving 250,000 masks to New York City where they really need to have everybody masked. The UN said they had them in storage. I wondered why they had so many and maybe it is because they have so much polluti...

 By Jack Fisher    Local    April 12, 2020

Can I borrow your bandana?

There are several pieces of good news about face masks. Some of you may remember when everyone had a mask in the windy dusty days before cars were invented. Bandanas were big enough to easily fasten in a way that dust could be filtered from your...

 By Jack Fisher    Local    October 13, 2019

Why is that funny?

"My polyester dress had been carefully chosen to complement the sanctuary carpet and matching upholstered pews." This is in the first page of the book "The Red Dirt Hymnbook" by former Alvan Roxie Faulkner Kirk. So what about that made me laugh out... Full story


Who brought new taxes and what did we do with them?

In a recent article I claimed that some people really, really do not like tax increases. Strangely enough, these very same people have voted a lot of taxes upon themselves. Here is a little history of an early need for sales tax money for the city....

 By Jack Fisher    Local    February 17, 2019

Veteran care, chapter two

There was not going to be a chapter two, but something showed up on TV last week about veterans that triggered a 15-year-old memory about a Texas veteran. The old story came from a letter to the editor in a south Texas newspaper that served towns...

 By Jack Fisher    Local    October 29, 2017

Ups and downs to watch

Here is some stock market advice I have observed. And I will give you some advice on stocks. I thought I had it made when my brother-in-law left coaching and became a stock broker in Chicago. So I discreetly asked if he had any special advice. He...

 By Jack Fisher    Local    June 11, 2017

Observations about late night shows

It gives me courage to say something about TV since Lynn commented on late night shows (June 7, 2017, Newsgram). I do not want to complain because they may come after me, but I will mention some things I have observed. In addition to the comedians...


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