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Couple's fight escalates to large campus crowd


NWOSU campus police called for assistance from the Alva Police Department and the Woods County Sheriff’s Office to disperse a crowd behind a dorm on April 2. According to court documents, at 7:10 p.m. Campus Police Officer Blake Trekell noticed a large crowd gathered between Coronado Hall and Fryer Hall. As he pulled into the Coronado parking lot, approximately 15 female students were gathered along the sidewalk and began waving him down. They pointed to an area east of them that was blocked from Trekell’s view by Coronado Hall.

Almost simultaneously, Trekell received a call from NWOSU Assistant Chief of Police Ethan Kennedy about a large fight behind Coronado Hall. He requested additional police officers through Woods County Communications.

As Trekell exited his patrol car, he heard what sounded like a large crowd of people hollering and yelling. He ran toward the commotion, and as he rounded the building he saw a crowd of about 30 to 50 college-aged individuals gathered around another group of approximately 15 to 20 individuals who were verbally and physically engaged in an altercation. Trekell pulled his police baton and began ordering the crowd to disperse. Other officers responded, and they were finally able to disperse the crowd and begin an investigation.

Trekell was told he needed to talk to Torri Coulter, later identified as Victoria Coulter, and AJ Jones, later identified as Andrew Jones. He was told they could explain what happened and also that they got into an altercation and it escalated from there.

Trekell located Jones who aid that he and his ex-girlfriend, Coulter, had gotten into a verbal argument and things got heated. He said he called Coulter a “b----h” which prompted her to slap him across the face with an opened palm. Jones stated he then grabbed her by the hands at which point several bystanders saw the altercation, assumed he was the aggressor, and began hollering at him and chasing him stating that “you don’t hit women.”

Jones said people began coming out of the dorms, and the altercation grew into a dispute between the basketball team, of which Jones is a member, and the football team whose player initially intervened accusing him of battering Coulter.

Trekell located Coulter in her dorm room in Fryer Hall. She had several girls in her room and was noticeably distraught. He asked the girls to leave the room and asked Alva Officer Sean Farris with his body worn camera activated to join him in the room. Trekell asked Coulter to describe the incident, and she told him initially that she and Jones had gotten into a verbal dispute and things went further than they should have.

He asked her to explain, and she said he referred to her as a b----h and she shoved him away, acknowledging that she escalated the situation to a physical level. She denied there was any hitting but only that she shoved him. Trekell explained he had interviewed witnesses and been given a different story and what video recordings might reveal if the situation was caught on surveillance video.

At that point Coulter re-told her account, admitting that when Jones called her a b----h, she shoved him and when he was stumbling backward he grabbed her hands, at which point she pulled away and slapped him across the face with an open palm.

Victoria Marie Coulter, 20, of Colcord, was charged May 13 with assault and battery, a misdemeanor. This crime is punishable by imprisonment up to 90 days or a fine up to $1,000, or both.


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