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• Dr. Tupper to begin orthopedic service


Although clinic visits were down in April, Share Medical Center CEO Kandice Allen believes that’s due to some doctors being out for a week. Reporting to the Alva Hospital Authority in her written report May 22, Allen said Steve Madrid was out for a week and both Dr. Chris Burk and Dr. Scott Burk were out for a week. Total clinic visits were 1686 for April, not including Urgent Care. There were 29 visits for Freedom, 534 visits for Suite J (Downtown Clinic) and 687 for the West End Clinic.

The downtown clinic lost one RN. Another nurse will be going on maternity leave so the hospital is actively recruiting to fill one nursing position.

Upfront collections for the clinics were up. According to Forvis, Share’s clinics are collecting at rates way about industry standards with 10 to 12 percent of total collections.

All the rainfall has caused the grass and shrubs to grow. The hospital maintenance staff is doing their best to keep up with mowing and edging although being short-staffed makes this difficult.

Share Convalescent Home has made the transition from heat to operating on the cooling system. The cooling tower has been cleaned, lines have been flushed, and the system is online. However, it is not working efficiently. A service company has been contacted to add Freon to the system.

The Homestead and the hospital have had air conditioning units down intermittently as they are being turned on for the first time. It was hoped a new roof top unit would be installed last week, weather permitting. This is the unit for the emergency room that was taken offline last year. A company is working on a quote to add a mini split air conditioning system primarily to cool the new computer servers in the east closet of the commons area.

The hospital had no Covid-19 patients during April. The visitation policy has been updated to allow inpatients as many visitors as they would like during visiting hour and allowing minors back in as well.

Urgent Care had 428 visits during April. Karen Sagner APRN saw 174 patients and Krystal Elliott APRN saw 213. Bryan Nutter APRN covered two Saturday shifts, seeing 30 total patients. Jennifer Nichols APRN covered a Sunday seeing 11 patients.

IT Director Mark Nichols has taken on a new role outside of Share Medical Center. His last day was May 12. The hospital is working with Healthcare Triangle to assist in his absence and has begun the search for a new IT director.

Share Medical had eight cataract cases for the end of April with Dr. Hummel and 20 procedures for Dr. Gregg during April. Seven patients were seen in clinic with Dr. Daniel on April 13. On May 4, Dr. Daniel did three surgeries and saw six people in clinic. Dr. Daniel’s next day at Share will be June 9.

Equipment quotes for Dr. Tupper have been approved and purchase orders issued. The hospital hoped to start advertising his orthopedic services at Share soon, and Dr. Tupper hoped to have his first clinic on May 24. Another clinic is scheduled for May 31.

During April, a cardiologist reached out to Share Medical regarding a calcium score done by radiology on a patient. The patients had two stents placed, and the cardiologist wanted to let Share know he was pleased with the results of the exam and happy his patient didn’t have to drive over an hour away for this exam.

With the warmer months, Share has been seeing an increase in ATV accidents from Waynoka for which they have been able to providing imaging and care.

During April, radiology did 319 x-rays, 151 CT scans, 46 ultrasounds, 23 MRI’s, 27 mammograms and three Holter monitors.

The hospital trustees approved the reappointment to courtesy staff of Robert Rader, MD, a hospitalist.

Hospital Financials

Share Medical CFO Angelica Brady reported the hospital’s operating cash balance for April was $89,465 representing 2.3 days of operating expenses, excluding depreciation. Hospital accounts receivable balance was $4,183,400, an increase of $429,398 during the month. Unbilled days for April were 10 compared to 18.1 for March. Billed days totaled 55.5 compared to 46.8 in March.

Accounts payable balance for April was $777,642 representing 41.4 days of operating expenses excluding the costs related to salaries, benefits and depreciation.

Hospital gross patient revenue for the month totaled $1,604,848, a decreased of $107,598 compared to March. Total patient days for April were 78 compared to 69 in March. Total clinic office visits for April were 1,538 compared to 1,888 in March.

Accounts written off to collection agency for April were $673. Charity care for the month totaled $2,359.

The hospital had a net loss for April of $131,672 compared to a net income of $681,001 in March.

Share Convalescent Home

Share Convalescent Home had an operating cash balance of $217,163 for April, representing 27.8 days of operating expenses excluding depreciation. The convalescent home accounts receivable balance was $1,373,330, a decrease of $217,465 during April.

Accounts payable balance for April was $60,711, representing 20.8 days of operating expenses excluding the costs related to salaries, benefits and depreciation.

The nursing home gross patient revenue for the month totaled $208,697 which was a decrease of $14,877 compared to March.

The convalescent home had a net loss for April of $6,024 compared to a net income of $53,315 in March.

The average daily census for April was 30.2 compared to 30.7 in March. There were three admissions and two discharges.

There were 4,294 uses of the nurse call system, down 356 from the previous month. The average response time was just over three minutes with 79.9 percent of calls answered in less than five minutes.

Shower room repairs are being plan for the west wing. This is necessary for resident relocation during the HVAC project.

Garden volunteers have been on site helping resident with the Butterfly Garden.

Administrator Kelly Parker completed 12.25 hours of continuing education for LNHA (licensed nursing home administrator) renewal.

The Homestead

During April, The Homestead had gross patient service revenue of $93,425. The facility had a net income of $48,864 in April compared to $5,797 in March.

During April, occupancy was at 45.3 percent, up 5.6 percent from the previous month. A total of 92 residents participated in activities during the month.

New air conditioning units were installed for the office and for one apartment. The Homestead is finding several other units aren’t working as well. They were waiting on city approval to get those checked and fixed.

Several leaks were found with all the rain. Alva Roofing Company has been onsite to determine the repair needs.


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