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What a car show! Free food twice and lots of beautiful cars


September 23, 2018

Friday evening's meal was really good. Last year the brats were very spicy. This year you could get a regular brat or a hot link so everyone was happy.

Friday was Stan Kline's birthday and it was good that 300 or so of his friends showed up to help him celebrate. Cleo and Justin went down earlier than I did. When I showed up Cleo had crashed, but not burned, on her little get-around cart. She had a nasty skinned spot on her elbow and later on lots of aches and pains from the bruises. Some people helped her set the cart back up and re-hook the batteries. If you were one of them or know any of the good Samaritans, please tell them thank you so much for helping Cleo. On a final note, I got the blame for the wreck. She said if she hadn't been looking for me she would not have had the wreck!

We had a good crowd Saturday with lots of friends stopping by. There was a brief shower, but it didn't dampen the spirits too much. I saw Jaylyn and Justin do the Whoa and Go. My nephew Joel Scribner and his brother Jason put on a good show with their blue smoke and green glitter.

Justin and I went to the free breakfast at the Extreme on Sunday morning and then I attended the drags in the afternoon. The morning meal was super good. I didn't get to listen to much of the services because Jaylyn and I became Baptists for Sunday school.

I watched the drags and bicycle races, and sunburned my legs. There was a very scary moment when a motorcycle flipped over; fortunately he didn't appear to be hurt but I think his bike was toast. The RACE crew jumped in and cleaned it up and on we went.

The drags were a bit long for me as I had a late afternoon project, but what I saw was very good. There were only a couple of things that needed addressed. There were several kids running around on bicycles and skateboards not related to the bike drags. If they hit my car and dent it or ruin the paint it wouldn't be good, but if I had a $5,000 paint job with a bicycle scrape in it, I might not return next year. Worse yet, I might tell 20 people about it and they might not come.

The second is because I am old, easily worried, and may not be a problem anyhow. Keeping in mind I probably ran 50 races on the street with a co-pilot in the drags it makes me nervous to see passengers in the cars. Thank you to everyone that makes this weekend a super event in northwest Oklahoma.

At Hinton, Oklahoma, a nine year old autistic boy had a birthday party, invited all his class and NOT ONE of them attended. This was on the news and now there is going to be a huge party sponsored by several organizations. As I looked this up, I found the same thing happened in Florida with another autistic child. Law enforcement people stepped up and put on a party for this young man.

Keeping in mind I am only getting the news slant about what happened, I think there are a lot of parents that have sent a message to their children that because you are different, you should be shunned. Shame on every one of you and thank you to the people that understand “different” people.


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