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Happy anniversary, Cleo


Friday was Cleo and my 53rd wedding anniversary. Fifty-three years is no small feat for any couple, but considering what she had to work with, a monumental accomplishment for Cleo.

The pandemic has worsened recently. The Democrats blame the Trump rally. The Black Lives Matter people are sure the police infected them all in a plot. Non-protestors are blaming the protestors for the new panic. Amazon is blaming Wal-Mart. And so it goes. It is a concern, and hard to tell exactly what is to blame. It’s probably because we have become more laid back about it.

Wearing masks is supposed to be the new savior. Cleo doesn’t get out much but does wear her mask when she does. I don’t wear one at the salvage, but we have more social distancing than some other places. I haven’t worn it much in town but do for out of town trips.

One thing that is different than two months ago is lots more guys want to shake hands with me than did before. I try to polish up after a handshake because I don’t want to insult my friends, but I don’t go out of my way to offer handshakes now.

Several cities are making masks mandatory. Wal-Mart is now requiring masks to shop. I don’t have a problem with this, because maybe it is what is needed to slow this sickness down. Sadly even the “experts” are divided on the effectiveness of the masks. I just hope that masks will be available for those that cannot afford or don’t have access to them.

For those that say it is an infringement on their freedom, remember you wear seat belts to be safer and have to run your belongings through a metal detector at airports to be safe, so just view this as a safety measure and just do it. It is a small thing, really, and if you would happen to save Aunt Bessie’s life wearing the mask, she would be proud of you.

My only gripe is that all the cities that want to fine people are stupid as usual. $10 is fine. A $100 fine has nothing to do with public safety and everything to do with $100. Shame on you politicians for taking money away from people that need it in the name of our health.

Another friend bit the dust this week. The weed lady, Jewel LeDou, passed away. She was a character, to say the least. I knew it was time to check my street when Jewel stopped me and asked if I had any weeds I could donate to the dead weed fund.

She was going to run against me for City Marshal this last time. When I asked why she replied, “It isn’t right for you to run unopposed every time!” When she didn’t sign up, I hunted her up, and she had been in the hospital. I told her I would have signed her up to run; she said next time we would do it. I will miss my friend.

For those that want telemarketers to hang up sooner, Bubba has the solution. Answer and say, “FBI fraud division.” This will cut down on the calls.

Everyone be safe out there and God bless you all.


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