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Thanks for all the happy birthday wishes last week


August 9, 2020

Amy Mayes, Sarita Simon and I all share Aug. 2 as our birthday. I am the senior member of the trio by several years. I am so old I can remember when the Dead Sea was just sick!

I have been watching for the last couple of months as the debate about defunding and abolishing police departments completely is put into place. I guess I don’t understand all I know about this concept. I wonder if the BLM people will be Johnny-on-the-spot when one of their own is being robbed, raped, beaten up or other crime happening? I do believe that the police are overworked and live in fear of their lives every time they go on a call or make a traffic stop. I also believe that there are people that become law enforcement officers that abuse their power, are racists or are not mentally stable enough to make correct decisions in the heat of a happening.

I have a theory as to why they are allowed to tarnish the officers that truly protect and serve. First, who hasn't worked with someone who needed to be gone for any number of reasons, but you hate to be the one that corrects the problem?

Law enforcement officers are no different. You trust your lives to your fellow officers, and even if you have a racist that needs to go, you are afraid if you speak up because sometime another officer might not respond to your call for help because of your honesty.

Second are the unions. Because of tenure bad officers cannot be fired and are just left to prey on us citizens. In my opinion the unions are directly responsible for many of the deaths and racial atrocities because of non-action on their membership.

Our police get defunded sometimes, but it is an economic, not an officer, problem. I’m not going to say we never have or had problem officers, but in real town America it gets taken care of quickly. I know several druggies in Alva that would vote for no police department. Next week I will explore life without law enforcement.

Bubba said a burglar broke into his house the other night. He put the red dot on his chest and the cat did the rest.

Food for thought: Have you noticed how the media has quit calling AR-15s assault weapons since ANTIFA and BLM have started carrying them? ANTIFA is planning to shut down Sturgis Bike Rally because of too many American and Confederate flags there.

Grab a chair and pass the popcorn. Minneapolis is asking the government for $55 million to rebuild their city. I say get the money from ANTIFA and BLM because they are the ones that tore it up.

Poor Nancy, everyone picks on her. A recent article in the San Francisco Examiner has reported Nancy Pelosi has sued Stanford Hospital saying, “after her husband had surgery, he lost all interest in sex.” A hospital spokesman said her husband had cataract surgery. “All we did is correct his eyesight."


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