Congratulations to all the 2021 graduates


I never saw a dud in all the different school pictures in the paper. What I did see were young people with the ability to change the world for the better. Good luck to every one of you whatever your future may hold.

The Scribner family, especially Grandma Cleo and I, are really proud of Jaylyn Scribner. She is going to be an OSU student. We know she will do great, and wish her only the best. I found a big guy going to OSU, and I think for $30 a week, he will keep the cowboys away from her.

May 9-15 is national police week with events planned in Washington, DC. This has been a tough year for law enforcement, with several decisions resulting in questionable deaths. Sadly, 49 officers were killed by gunfire in the line of duty in 2020. For every bad, racist, uncaring officer still on the job there are thousands that do care, and protect and serve to keep all races safe. I don't care who you are, let's join together to honor the fallen officers, and show support for the good guys.

On the internet there was a picture of a car sitting sideways on a truck going down the highway. It brought back a memory of a trip from Cherokee, Oklahoma, Robert Burton and I made years ago. I bought several International Scouts and the guy loaded them on a combine trailer sideways. We ran into a highway patrolman on 5th street and he said when he saw me top the hill, he thought it was a carnival coming. After my explanation about why we were traveling this way, he let us go. His last words were if we had a wreck, don't plan on supper because it would be after dark before he got done writing all the tickets.

Breaking news: Tonight's Powerball Jackpot is a full tank of unleaded gas and a sheet of plywood.

In the how-stupid-can-people-get category, my mother-in-law, Shirley West, has been gone for many years, yet recently got a letter from some clown named Ken Gillette. I didn't bother to open it because she told me at the séance not to send any money to con men.

One more: Two men stole four commodes at a Lowe's in Oklahoma City. This really happened, but has the police puzzled because they have nothing to go on!

Repeat but relevant: What did the papa Buffalo say to his son as he left for college? Wait for it … Bi-son!

Let's all be safe out there and God bless.


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