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 By Dal Houston    Local    April 12, 2024 

Life lessons learned from a houseplant

I awoke one morning early this week with the knowledge that I had to write a new article. I was having a hard time figuring out what I was going to write about – until I walked through the kitchen and...

 By Dal Houston    Local    April 5, 2024

Others' lives are often not as easy as we assume

Recently I had to spend a weekend out of town on business. Normally when out of town, I can find somewhere unique or cool to eat out, get a drink or go hangout, or something to see. However there was...

 By Dal Houston    Local    March 29, 2024

The challenge: What have you done today?

Recently, someone in my family passed away, and since his death, I have pondered a story that he often told me about a feat he accomplished as a high-schooler. To be clear, my words and thoughts are...

 By Dal Houston    Local    March 22, 2024

Paper plates vs fine china

I was recently having a conversation with my son regarding my mother’s ancestors and how they came from Denmark to settle in Oklahoma. In thinking not just about my great-grandparents but also the o...

 By Dal Houston    Local    March 15, 2024

Today's opportunities are gone tomorrow

Last evening I was watching television, specifically a movie showing a father driving his family home after a long weekend, and upon getting home late at night the father carried his young daughter...

 By Dal Houston    Local    March 8, 2024

The distinction between happiness and fulfillment

Often when I write an article, I generally know the answer to the question I am asking … in this case I do not have the answer, or at least all of it. Rather, I know the question, and I know the i...

 By Dal Houston    Local    March 1, 2024

Spiritual challenges

While my articles often touch on moral and/or societal issues, I usually try to avoid explicitly discussing religion. However, as we have just begun a new year and are expected to have forgiveness in...

 By Dal Houston    Local    February 16, 2024

The change of technology

I was home most of last week with the flu, and I watched a lot of television in an attempt to get my mind off of how bad I felt. While channel-surfing, I happened to come across an old movie that...

 By Dal Houston    Local    February 9, 2024

Deceived by appearances (Part 2)

Recently, I wrote an article on being deceived by appearances, as it applies to someone who appears weak or powerless. Today, I am writing about being deceived by the appearance that someone has all t...

 By Dal Houston    Local    February 2, 2024


The fact that I am writing this means that I am breaking one of the rules that I imposed on myself when I started this column: to stay away from politics. With that said, I saw something on TV as I wa...

 By Dal Houston    Local    January 26, 2024

Am I cursed?

Over the holiday break, I had a rather enlightening conversation with an old family friend. From the beginning of our friendship many years ago, he was a hard-working, honest, good guy from a really...

 By Dal Houston    Local    January 19, 2024

Looks can be deceiving

I am always on the lookout for life experiences I can share that have irony or a catch – something that can teach a lesson differently or uniquely. Today’s story is one I was told years ago. One of...

 By Dal Houston    Local    January 12, 2024

Win at any cost

I am generally an optimist and try to see the good in life. Every once in a while, however, one has to stop, look and acknowledge the bad or negative experiences in life. Ironically, once you see and...

 By Dal Houston    Local    December 31, 2023

Don't let the bad cloud the good

This is my New Year’s article, and I find myself in unknown territory, as I have only been writing slightly less than a year, so I have never had to write an article about the upcoming year. In t...

 By Dal Houston    Local    December 24, 2023

Is the fact we have problems proof that God loves us?

It goes without saying that we often view our problems as a negative aspect of our lives. Taking it one step further, we then often bring God into the situation by implying, or in some instances...

 By Dal Houston    Local    December 17, 2023

All in the Family

I was recently watching the news when it was announced that Norman Lear had passed away at the age of 101. For a reminder, Norman Lear was a writer and producer, perhaps most notably for several...

 By Dal Houston    Local    December 10, 2023

Lessons from Socrates

One of the most valuable lessons I have learned in my life came from a college course titled “Logical Reasoning.” As I ponder today’s world, seldom does a day pass without me considering this lesso...

 By Dal Houston    Local    December 3, 2023

'It's not bad'

One of the first and most important things I learned early on in my relationship with my wife is the important distinction between “good” and “not bad” when describing something. To the best of my m...

 By Dal Houston    Local    November 26, 2023

Can we really move forward when all we do is go backward?

I want to follow up with last week’s article on “two steps forward and one back,” and challenge you to think outside the proverbial box with this question: if all we are doing is objectively movin...

 By Dal Houston    Local    November 19, 2023

Steps in life

I want to take a brief moment to congratulate my daughter, Harper, on being elected vice president of the Oklahoma Student Council last week. We are all very proud of you. One of my go-to sayings...


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